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About The Cat and the Fiddle
About The Cat and the Fiddle

The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool was founded in 2005 by Jana Millet and has since grown over the years to become one of the most-popular and loved preschools in town. Prior to founding The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool, Jana was teaching extended-day kindergarten for District 91 and realized that most of the children who were entering kindergarten weren’t very prepared with the skills they needed in order to have a successful education. It was at that point that she decided to create a curriculum for teaching 3-4-year-olds the necessary skills to excel in kindergarten and beyond. With extensive focus on teaching the building blocks of a successful student (alphabet, numbers, colors, sight words, shapes, communication and motor skills, and so much more!) she developed a preschool that gives children the best opportunity for success throughout their school years!

Over the years, the programs created by Jana with input from dozens of educators and hundreds of parents have grown, improved, and are continually evolving for the benefit of the wonderful children who attend The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool.

In 2019, after teaching side-by-side with Jana, Nicole Klingler, a local educator with years of experience, saw the immense value of the preschool's curriculum and all of its amazing results and, with Jana retiring from education, decided to take the amazing torch created by Jana and continue the wonderful teaching programs of The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool.

Continuing the curriculum created by Jana, along with adding new perspectives and skills for continued improvement of the preschool overall, has been a primary focus for Nicole and her team of educators. Here are a few of the curriculum highlights that are taught at The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool:

  • Zoo-Phonics – a wonderful method for teaching children to read at an early age.
  • Alphabet – Students are taught to recognize the letters and also the sounds they make.
  • Numbers – Students are taught to recognize numbers 1-25 and count to 100.
  • Colors
  • 16 Shapes
  • Names – Student are taught to write their names
  • Sight Words – Students are taught 52 sight words
  • Super Standards – Students are taught nine “Super Standards” through the nine months of the school year.
  • Crafts – Each day of school includes the creation of a craft which emphasizes the things being taught at school (letters, sounds, etc.). The crafts also help to build motor skills for the students.

Everything done at The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool has an educational purpose and is taught in a way that is engaging and fun for your child. Many students graduate from The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool and enter kindergarten being able to read! Although the curriculum is very academic, the curriculum is taught in a very hands-on approach with a lot of movement, changing of activities, and hands that are kept busy as the children learn and grow in a fun and structured way!

The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool strongly encourages your involvement in your child’s education. In addition to us teaching your student, we encourage your teaching and reinforcement of the things your child is learning. Daily reading with your children and practice with the flash cards provided to you by The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool are exceptional ways to further your child's progress and ensure their success.

Your students are tested three times per year to be able to track their progress. This gives Nicole and team (and you) insight into where your child may need extra help and reinforcement.

Nicole and her team would love to talk with you to answer any of your questions about the school to see if it is a good fit for you and your child. Classes usually fill up fast (often before the end of the current school year), so please contact us early to ensure your child’s spot!

Please contact us for more information or register online.

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Cat and the Fiddle Preschool
555 1st Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
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