The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool
Parent Reviews of The Cat and the Fiddle 

Anytime someone asks me if I know of a good preschool I answer without hesitation, yes.  Both my daughter (now in 3rd grade) and son (now in Kindergarten) attended Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  I attribute their success in school to the positive experience they had starting out at Cat and the Fiddle.  The zoo phonics program as well as the teaching styles of Jana and Joan gave my children confidence in learning that has extended beyond preschool.

My daughter was reading well before kindergarten and her early grasp of the basics has given her the confidence to continue learning and doing things well beyond her grade level.

My son (who has an August birthday) was also reading before he started Kindergarten, though most of this was a surprise to me because he would never do it for me, only for his teachers.  Through preschool, he was able to learn how to make friends and deal with kids that have different personalities.  Both his academic and social success in preschool led me to believe him when he insisted that he was ready for kindergarten at 5 instead of waiting the “traditional year” for boys with summer birthdays.  He has proven that he was indeed ready.

Jana and Joan help the kids feel successful and excited about learning.  They are wonderful to the parents, treating each like a personal friend and truly caring for the children.  I strongly recommend Cat and the Fiddle Preschool to anyone looking to instill a love of learning in their children.

Jessica Lewis

The Cat and the Fiddle Preschool is a wonderful and caring environment.  Watching our son grow and learn over the past two years has been a thrilling and exciting experience.  It’s an absolute joy to have our child come home singing songs, counting to one hundred, and love doing it, saying the Animal Alphabet, and bringing home the most creative projects.  I personally can’t put into words how happy we are to have our son be a part of this preschool.  Thank you Jana and Joan for the beautiful experience you have given our son, and the fun loving environment you have created to teach your students in.

Jennifer and Juan Romeo

Our experience with Cat and the Fiddle preschool has been phenomenal.  We have had three children attend there and all three have had nothing but positive experiences both socially and academically.  Each of our children have entered kindergarten able to read.  Joan and Jana are amazing, fun teachers who truly love what they do and each child they teach.  We love and appreciate them for all they have done for our children.  We love Cat and the Fiddle!

Sean and Amber Layton

I love Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  I sent my older child to Cat and the Fiddle and he was more than prepared for Kindergarten!  Now my younger child is attending and I know he will be just as prepared for Kindergarten as well.  Jana and Joan’s skills and knowledge (along with their creative and artistic skills) are just what my children need.  They not only get them ready for school, but those children know they are loved as well.  I love Cat and the Fiddle.

Jeremy and Susannah Harris

Before sending my children to Cat and the Fiddle I looked at many different options for preschools, and my oldest daughter attended two other preschools.  As I looked for preschools I learned that there are two different types of preschools.  There are the love and play style and the structured academic style.  This is where the Cat and the Fiddle is so amazing, there is so much love, lots of fun, art, creativity, play and most importantly, the kids learn so much with the zoophonics and writing pages.  Both of my children have entered Kindergarten ready to succeed.  My son who is in Kindergarten loves that he already knows the sight words and that he just needs to review them while the other kids have to learn them.  My kids ask all of the time if they can go back to the Cat and the Fiddle because it is such a warm and exciting place.  I can’t say enough good about Jana and Joan, they are so loving and creative that everyone wants to be their friend.  I would recommend the Cat and the Fiddle to anyone.

Jared and Lindsay Letzelter

Cat and the Fiddle is an incredible preschool.  We have been so pleased with the quality of education.  However, what makes this school stand above the rest are Jana and Joan.  The love and enthusiasm there is unbeatable.

We have now been through 7 years and all three of our children.  All were well prepared and ready for Kindergarten.  Which was very comforting since we were sending our “babies” on to the next stage.

Thank you Jana and Joan!

Nicole and Bradon Howell

We just love Cat and the Fiddle!  All 3 of my children have now attended this preschool and not only did they learn so much from this preschool but they also developed a love of learning that has carried with them into the elementary school as well.  Jana and Joan are exceptional teachers who have a great teaching method that keeps the children engaged in the learning process.  They are fun, exciting, and as enthusiastic as the children they teach.  My daughter comes home singing the songs she has been taught in class and is really learning to apply things she has learned from class into her everyday life such as telling digital time and walking around the house identifying the letter sounds to common household items.  They are always doing amazing creative projects each class that supplement the specific curriculum they are teaching that day.  I can’t even believe how cute and amazing the little projects are that come home with my daughter.  I just know that these teachers have put a lot of thought into what they are teaching that day.  I would definitely recommend this preschool to anyone!  They are wonderful with children and certainly know how to keep their attention!

Brock and Jennifer Bishop

My experience with Cat and the Fiddle was nothing but wonderful!  Aside from the amazing curriculum that is taught, both Jana and Joan know exactly how to bring out the absolute best in each child no matter what the circumstances are.  Everyday we were greeted with bright smiles and would come into a loving, enriched atmosphere.  Eloise felt confident going to school because she knew without a doubt she was loved at Cat and the Fiddle.  She knew that she was genuinely cared for.  This school has an environment that encourages each child to excel both creatively and scholastically.  Eloise started Kindergarten off with a strong sense of self-worth and confidence.  She was more than prepared.  The standards have been set higher recently in Idaho and Cat and the Fiddle prepare these kids for those higher standards.  Jana and Joan both work together as a team to help the children reach their full potential.  My only regret is that I didn’t know about this school earlier.  I have experienced other preschools in the area and nothing even comes close to Cat and the Fiddle.  I try and send anyone that I know to Cat and the Fiddle that is looking for an amazing preschool for their child.  You will not regret sending your child here.

Ginger Watkins

What a wonderful preschool!  From the very first moment my son, Porter and I walked in, we felt such an atmosphere of warmth and love.  Porter immediately connected with Jana and Joan and I couldn’t be happier with his progress while he’s attending there.  I completely trust him in their care and know he is loved and being taught all the essentials in exciting and fun ways.  I love picking him up every day, seeing his huge smile, and hearing of everything he did in just 2 ½ hours!  This has been the perfect introduction to his schooling career and even though I wish he could stay forever, I know he is more than ready for kindergarten.

Lindsay Goodrich

My boys loved going to Cat and the Fiddle Preschool!  Jana and Joan are so creative and it is obvious that they love being with the kids.  They are very good at being able to teach while making it fun to learn.  My boys both were very well prepared for Kindergarten, academically, socially, and emotionally, and seemed to be at the top of their class.  I couldn’t be happier with the Cat and the Fiddle Preschool!!!

Dr. Casey and Chantel Huntsman

Cat and the Fiddle Preschool was a wonderful experience for me and my son.  He attended there for 3 years, and learned so much!  He was ready to read when he left to go to kindergarten and knew all of his letters and sounds, and several sight words!  But above all else, he was genuinely loved by Jana and Joan – and they are truly the most loving people with these children and make each and every one of them feel so special!  I never worried that he wouldn’t enjoy his day with them.  I can’t say enough good things about them and feel blessed to have been a part of the preschool program!

Eddie and Mandy Jones

The Cat and the Fiddle Preschool is an indescribable wonder!  I can’t say enough great things about the fabulous teachers.  Miss Joan and Miss Jana are two of the most talented and creative women who have a passion for enriching the minds of children.  My son Miles says that he liked Cat and the Fiddle because got to do lots of projects!  He learned at a fast pace at Cat and the Fiddle, and I am so pleased to have him excelling in the adanced reading program at his current elementary school.  I have no doubt the excellent curriculum at Cat and the Fiddle deserves a majority of the credit for this.

Matt and Jelena Resiegh

All three of my children attended Cat and the Fiddle.  All three of my children left there way ahead of the game.  (Reading, counting, shapes, etc…almost ready for 1st grade!)  Jana and Joan loved and cared for them and gave them the confidence they needed to love learning!  This set all of them on a path of continued confidence and academic success.  I will forever be grateful for these amazing women and their super school!

Kathi Hirschi

We have had 3 boys go through Cat and the Fiddle.  All have been made to feel loved and special.  The boys are always excited off their fantastic projects they make.  Not only do they make great things, they are learning the necessary skills to be prepared for kindergarten.  Jana and Joan truly love the kids and it shows.

Mike and Natalee Groberg

My name is Tricia McMasters, and I am so excited to be able to write a recommendation for Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  I have two sons, Carter and Garrett.  Carter is in second grade and Garrett is in kindergarten.  They each attended Cat and the Fiddle for three years.  I will be forever grateful to Jana and Joan, the ladies who run Cat and the Fiddle, for what they did for my kids.  Every day, the boys were excited to go to preschool.  They did so many fun activities in class, and each found things that they really liked.  Carter really loved the academics.  He loved learning the alphabet, and was reading very well on his own by the time he went to kindergarten.  He now reads much higher than his grade level, and I credit Cat and the Fiddle with giving him the skills he needed to jump ahead.  Garrett really loved the arts and crafts.  The kids make a projects every day that corresponds with the letter they are learning that week, and he was always so excited to show me what he had made.  He was also reading on his own at the end of preschool, and is now way above most of the kids in his kindergarten class.  Beyond the learning at Cat and the Fiddle, which is completely impressive, Jana and Joan are the most wonderful preschool teachers you can imagine.  It is obvious in everything they do that they love the kids and are thrilled to see them every day.  It is amazing to me that they can love other people’s kids so much!  From time to time, I see some of the moms of the kids Garrett went to preschool with.  We always talk about how much we miss Jana and Joan.  I have even taken my kids back to see them.  I love Cat and the Fiddle, I love Jana and Joan, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing preschool experience for their child!

Tricia McMasters

Our twin boys had the privilege of attending the Cat and the Fiddle preschool for two years.  We could not have asked for a more positive and effective preparation for kindergarten.  Jana and Joan were delightful to work with and made us feel comfortable from the very start.  It was obvious they both cared very much for out boys and took great interest in their individual development.  We particularly appreciated the one-on-one time each student received and the way Jana and Joan allowed each child to learn in his own way and at his own pace.  Our boys entered kindergarten with a tremendous head start, particularly in reading.  We would unequivocally recommend the Cat and the Fiddle and feel confident Jana and Joan have made similar positive impacts on all the children they have taught.

Michael and Cassie Dustin

My son attended Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  Although I was impressed immediately with the program they run, I didn’t completely understand how much my son would gain from it until he went to Kindergarten round-up. 

The staff at his “soon to be” new school were amazed at how smart he was, and how he was reading on his own.  They asked where he had gone to preschool, and upon finding out, stated that they were finding the students that came from Cat and the Fiddle to be far better prepared than most kids.

I am grateful to Jana and Joan for not only giving my son a quality education, (he went to Kindergarten reading), but also for loving him and teaching him to be responsible while having fun.

Every morning he would ask if today was a school day.  He loved the fun projects that they made, learning about Science and Math, and getting to the point where he could read on his own… not only that, he was cuddled, loved, and laughed with by his teachers.

My son developed a love of learning that he has carried with him to Kindergarten and I am giving that credit to Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.

I wouldn’t have sent my son anywhere else.

Marne Adkerson

My name is Melanie Fuhriman and I enrolled my son at “Cat and the Fiddle” Preschool in December 2012 after we moved to Idaho Falls from Scottsdale, AZ.  He’s only been enrolled 4 months but has learned so much in such a small amount of time.  Jana and Joan are amazing and I know he is getting a top notch education with them.  They are loving and kind and are extremely professional.  The crafts they do with the children are darling and so clever.  My husband and I are so impressed with this preschool that we constantly recommend it to everyone we meet with kids.  I love that my son is learning all of his letters and the sounds they make.  He can count so high now, we are truly impressed.  The other day he said, “Look Mom, it’s an obtuse angle,” I about died.  So amazing!  We love Cat and the Fiddle!

Melanie Fuhriman

All four of my children have attended The Cat and the Fiddle preschool, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience that we have had.  Jana and Joan truly love the kids they teach and the love their job.  The projects that come home from this preschool are the best, I find myself not being able to part with any of them!  My kids all have learned so much about their shapes, numbers, letters and sounds.  I felt like they entered kindergarten completely prepared.  The thing that has impressed me the most is the fact that each of my children knew that their teachers just loved them to pieces.  They all formed their own special bond with their preschool teachers, they still talk about them fondly and love to go back and visit Jana and Joan!

Allison and Brady Lee

Six years ago I was looking for a preschool for my oldest son who had been attending developmental preschool for speech delay.  I talked to a friend whose daughter went to Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  She told me that Jana had worked as an Extended-day Kindergarten teacher and knew how to prepare kids for Kindergarten.

I remember taking my son to observe that first day.  He was shy and a little scared.  Jana and Joan were very patient with him.  I was amazing how much the kids were learning!

Since then, all three of my boys have attended Cat and the Fiddle.  They have enjoyed the fun learning environment and are super prepared for kindergarten.

I am grateful my friend recommended Cat and the Fiddle Preschool to me.

Jen Dubreuil

Jana and Joan have created a very loving, nurturing, energetic, creative, and safe environment for the kids while developing their social skills and confidence and preparing them for Kindergarten.

My son was really nervous about going to preschool.  When I dropped him off on the first day he was crying and didn’t want to go.  Jana came over and held my son and told me he would be fine.  After I left I felt horrible and wanted to know how he was doing.  20 minutes later, Joan called me to let me know that my son was doing great and he was having a fun time.  I was very impressed that they would take the time to call and let me know that he was okay.

After 2 years of going to this preschool, my son has developed into a confident and social little boy who loves going to school every day to see his teachers and friends!  He is also reading on his own.  I would highly recommend this preschool!

Jasmine Brundage

We highly recommend Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  Jana and Joan are amazing teachers.  Our kids can’t wait to go to preschool everyday.  It is a fun and nurturing learning environment.  Cat and the Fiddle prepares your kids to excel in kindergarten and beyond.  We are so lucky to have Jana and Joan in our children’s lives, they have taught them so much.

Chris and Danielle Steadham

My daughter Brinley has attended Cat and the Fiddle Preschool for 1 year now.  She has tried multiple preschools until we found Jana’s.  The first day she attended I could tell a difference in her attitude toward learning.  Brinley loves the upbeat and fun learning atmosphere.  She has excelled in learning the different sounds of the alphabet.  Zoophonics has made a big difference in Brinley’s ability to retain what she has learned.  She is always coming home with a fun new song and craft.  Jana’s preschool is by far the best in town.  Your child will excel in learning and LOVE to learn, which is the most important thing a parent can ask for!

Zerric, Jarica, and Brinley Wadsworth

I have been extremely happy and grateful for the time my children have spent at Cat and the Fiddle Preschool!!!  Jana and Joan are AMAZING teachers and love all the children that walk through their door!  I was so sad when we moved and my kids were no longer able to attend Cat and the Fiddle.  If we loved closer my children would still be attending Jana and Joan’s amazing preschool!  And not only do they love the children but they have an outstanding curriculum and the children are excited to learn.

Micah Bradshaw

Finding the best preschool for your child takes a lot of time and research.  Cat and the Fiddle Preschool came highly recommended from several different people.  Sending your first born off to school is very scary!  I was a mess.  My nerves were calmed quickly when I saw the smile on my son’s face when I picked him up after the first day.  After my son attended Cat and the Fiddle for three years, I sent my daughter Addison for the next three years with the same results….a huge smile every day after school.  After volunteering for six years, and watching both my kids go on to kindergarten, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they both are miles ahead of the other kids in Kindergarten.  The reason for this is because of the teaching philosophy at Cat and the Fiddle.

Early reading, for example, is a predictor of later success in life, so being able to get ahead or catch up in preschool is key.  Cat and the fiddle focuses on cognitive areas such as ABCs and 123s enormously.  I believe that this preschool helps ready children who are behind so they catch up in these early years.  I don’t have a single thing to say negatively about the Cat and the Fiddle!  I just wish I had another child I could send there because now both my kids have graduated preschool.  I miss them love and support that they have given my kids over the years.

McKenzie Bowman

After extensive searching we chose Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  It was important for us to find a preschool that provides quality education with the balance of creativity and fun.  Our kids truly enjoyed every day they spent at Cat and the Fiddle. 

Jana and Joan are wonderful caring teachers.  Every child has their own unique personalities and learning styles.  Jana’s and Joan’s creative approach to the daily lessons help every child.  Our daughter learned to read at Cat and the Fiddle and was exceptionally well prepared for kindergarten.  Our son is finishing his last year and is starting to read.  He will enter kindergarten with the skills to count to 100, recognize all the letter names and sounds of the alphabet as well as a handful of sight words.

The Colpetzer Family

We have been so pleased to see the progress our daughter has made this year at Cat and the Fiddle.  They have been wonderful at teaching her the skills she will need to succeed in kindergarten.  She is excited about reading and writing and has that extra confidence about going to kindergarten and feeling prepared.  Jana and Joan are so fun and create such a positive environment for the kids.  We are so grateful we found Cat and the Fiddle.  We just love it!

Bob and Brittany Strebel

I have had my daughter in Cat and the Fiddle for 3 years now and my son for 1 year.  I am so impressed with the way Jana and Joan run this preschool.  This school is very organized and a wonderful environment for my children to learn.  They come home every day with fun crafts and activities that they have made.  My 5 year old has gained so much knowledge since being in this preschool, she is already reading and ready for Kindergarten.  Jana and Joan are so loving and nurturing to my kids, but at the same time teaching them boundaries and valuable life skills.  Everyday my kids wake up and say “do I get to go to school today?”  They absolutely love these ladies who teach them and I would highly recommend this school to parents who want to give their kids a head start with their education in a wonderful environment!

Jack and Liz Yasaitis

When I moved to Idaho Falls over 5 years ago, one of the first things on my to do list was to find a preschool to enroll my oldest child in.  I checked into several schools and as soon as I looked over the curriculum and met with Jana and Joan I knew I wanted to send my kids to Cat and the Fiddle.  As a mother I not only wanted my kids to attend a preschool to learn their abc’s, numbers and other important concepts, but I wanted them to have fun and look forward to going to school.  Five years later I still have children attending Cat and the Fiddle and I have never heard any of my kids say, “I don’t want to go to school.”  I have been so impressed with the school that I never hesitate to recommend it to friends or new neighbors.  Jana and Joan make learning fun.  However, the amount of fun the kids have is not the only thing that I am impressed with.  The phonics program they use to teach the kids the sounds of the alphabet works wonders.  My three children have attended preschool here have started kindergarten reading!  I have one more child to attend preschool and I wouldn’t send her anywhere else!

Russ and Candace Call