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Educator & Parent Reviews

My twin boys have only been in preschool for a little over 4 1/2 months and I have already noticed how much they have grown! Nicole and her wonderful staff are truly amazing at what they do. They are all so loving, caring and such fantastic teachers. My twins love Nicole and her staff so very much and that makes me so happy. I was very picky when deciding on a preschool. I did not want a situation where the preschool just watched my kiddos and fed them snacks. Cat and The Fiddle has an actual program and my boys have learned so much in their few short months there. I have already recommended them to many people and will continue to do so. We love Cat and The Fiddle. 

Katie Hunter

Nicole, along with all of the teachers at The Cat and the Fiddle, has an amazing way of being an example to the kiddos she teaches. The curriculum, Zoophonics, is outstanding and seems to be the easiest/best way for littles to recognize letters and their sounds. Outstanding planning/preparing for each day. Possibly the best addition, in my opinion, are the Super Standards being taught-Grateful, Kindness, Honesty, Sharing, etc. Not only are the kids getting ready for Kindergarten academically, but this preschool is great for socialization and just being a well rounded, moral little human--very important in my book and I couldn't have found better role models in teachers for my kids to learn from. My kids have thrived being here. Thank you for all you do!

Sam Krawczyk

Anytime someone asks me if I know of a good preschool I answer without hesitation, yes.  Both my daughter (now in 3rd grade) and son (now in Kindergarten) attended Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  I attribute their success in school to the positive experience they had starting out at Cat and the Fiddle.  The zoo phonics program as well as the teaching styles of [The Cat & the Fiddle] gave my children confidence in learning that has extended beyond preschool.

My daughter was reading well before kindergarten and her early grasp of the basics has given her the confidence to continue learning and doing things well beyond her grade level.

My son (who has an August birthday) was also reading before he started Kindergarten, though most of this was a surprise to me because he would never do it for me, only for his teachers.  Through preschool, he was able to learn how to make friends and deal with kids that have different personalities.  Both his academic and social success in preschool led me to believe him when he insisted that he was ready for kindergarten at 5 instead of waiting the “traditional year” for boys with summer birthdays.  He has proven that he was indeed ready.

[The Cat & the Fiddle] helps the kids feel successful and excited about learning.  They are wonderful to the parents, treating each like a personal friend and truly caring for the children.  I strongly recommend Cat and the Fiddle Preschool to anyone looking to instill a love of learning in their children.

Jessica Lewis

The Cat and the Fiddle Preschool is a wonderful and caring environment.  Watching our son grow and learn over the past two years has been a thrilling and exciting experience.  It’s an absolute joy to have our child come home singing songs, counting to one hundred, and love doing it, saying the Animal Alphabet, and bringing home the most creative projects.  I personally can’t put into words how happy we are to have our son be a part of this preschool.  Thank you [The Cat & the Fiddle] or the beautiful experience you have given our son, and the fun loving environment you have created to teach your students in.

Jennifer and Juan Romeo

Our experience with Cat and the Fiddle preschool has been phenomenal.  We have had three children attend there and all three have had nothing but positive experiences both socially and academically.  Each of our children have entered kindergarten able to read.  [The Cat & the Fiddle is] amazing, fun teachers who truly love what they do and each child they teach.  We love and appreciate them for all they have done for our children.  We love Cat and the Fiddle!

Sean and Amber Layton

I love Cat and the Fiddle Preschool.  I sent my older child to Cat and the Fiddle and he was more than prepared for Kindergarten!  Now my younger child is attending and I know he will be just as prepared for Kindergarten as well.  Jana and Joan’s skills and knowledge (along with their creative and artistic skills) are just what my children need.  They not only get them ready for school, but those children know they are loved as well.  I love Cat and the Fiddle.

Jeremy and Susannah Harris

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I have searched all over Idaho Falls looking for a pre-school that was curriculum based for my children.  Cat and the Fiddle uses a researched based program called Zoophonics.  Thanks to wonderful teachers and a great program, my kids started kindergarten as a reader!  I would highly recommend the educational setting that Cat and the Fiddle has to offer!

Vicki and Cory Leatham

When it came time for my daughter to choose a preschool for Andrew, as a teacher, I knew of the importance of early education as a predictor for later academic success.  As a grandmother, I knew the preschool needed to provide the safest and most caring environment for my grandchild.  We did the research and found the Cat and the Fiddle provided all we wanted for Andrew.  Based on his experience, I believe he received a well-rounded and exceptional education.

Ximena Schneider (mother, grandmother, teacher)

As a once licensed teacher, it was important for me to find a preschool where there were professional teachers who had many years experience with teaching (both in and out of the public school setting).  So there wasn’t even a question for me, “The Cat and the Fiddle Preschool” was the preschool for my children!  Jana and Joan are very qualified teachers and they have a fantastic program!  Everything they do is geared toward the interests and skills of their students.  They are so fun to be around and develop a great loving and playful relationship with each student.

Jana and Joan run the preschool in a very professional way.  At the beginning of each year they send home a calendar clearly defining what they will teach each week and each day; and they also send home occasional notes on what the children did in class.  They set aside several weeks throughout the year in which they effectively asses the children’s continual growth in learning.

My son has been attending “The Cat and the Fiddle Preschool” for the last two years and he has loved each day!  He looks forward to the activities and rotations that they do daily.  The curriculum is consistent, relevant, and helps to build each child’s fine motor skills.  I have been continually impressed with how quickly my son has learned his letters, sounds, days of the week, and counting.  I’ve even learned some neat science facts about animals from my son that he has learned while doing their “Zoophonics” program.

Thanks to ”The Cat and the Fiddle Preschool” –and of course to Jana and Joan-my son has confidence, and is definitely ready for kindergarten!  Thank you, there’s nowhere else I’d send my children to preschool!

The Hammon Family

All three of our children have taken preschool from Cat and the Fiddle since the year 2006.  We chose Cat and the Fiddle with Jana and Joan because of their contagiously warm personalities and classroom environment, knowledge of their curriculum and how to teach it to a variety of learners, as well as structure and discipline that creates a fun learning experience.

Our son is currently enrolled and will attend Kindergarten next year.  They have taught him to interact socially, think both critically and creatively and prepared him to cross the bridge into Kindergarten feeling prepared and comfortable.  He has learned shapes, colors, numbers, as well as the alphabet and the sound of each letter.  Jana and Joan have gone above and beyond to love and teach children.  One of our children had extreme attachment issues, it was amazing to see the attitude transformation from fear and anger to excitement and love of learning.  We are grateful for Cat and the Fiddle!

Todd and Angie Groberg, parents and former elementary school teacher

Cat and the Fiddle…. What a fantastic experience.  I have four children, two that are in the 6th grade and two that are in kindergarten.  All four of my children attended Cat and the Fiddle.  It was and is the best preschool in Idaho Falls.  Jana and Joan make learning fun and meaningful.  My children all started kindergarten way ahead of their peers.  They have a love of learning that came from their experiences at Cat and the Fiddle.  The teachers are very patient and loving.  I have one child that is autistic.  He was treated with kindness and love.  His learning came with great struggles, but Jana and Joan helped him to enjoy learning.  They were firm, but loving.  I am a public school teacher, and feel that what Cat and the Fiddle does with their preschoolers is the start of a love for life long learning.  I will be ever grateful to Jana, Joan and Cat and the Fiddle preschool.  Thank you for helping my children.

Jimmy and Stacey Barrett

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